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Outdoor Advertising with Lamppost Banners & Brackets works with local authorities and commercial property landlords to deliver high impact and targeted lamp post banner advertising campaigns. We also supply high-quality brackets for all our lamppost banners.

As the only UK manufacturer of lamppost banner brackets that are approved by UK Lighting Engineers, we have become known as the trusted UK provider of lamppost banner and bracket systems. With a dedicated team of experienced industry experts helping you every step of the way, we are the best choice for non-commercial lamppost advertising campaigns.

From acquiring permissions from local planning departments, sourcing local and national sponsors, to the printing, delivery, and maintenance of your lamppost banners, we can manage every aspect of your outdoor advertising campaign for you.

We can also help you generate additional revenue from your lamppost banner portfolio. We work closely with our partner councils to deliver incremental revenue streams through fully managed lamppost banner sponsorship initiatives.


Our Lamppost Banner Advertising Case Studies

Whether you’re a local authority communications department looking to book your next campaign, or a private landlord with a requirement for lamppost banner hardware, we manage the entire process for you.

From creative design and print to installation and maintenance, will work with your council to provide a professional and fully managed campaign from start to finish – or if you prefer – solely provide you with our high-quality lamppost banner and bracket hardware.

What Do Our Recent Clients Say?

“One of the added benefits was that the cost of the banners was not time-dependent, they were happy to supply a quote for keeping the banners in position as long as was needed for our RLWC campaign. The customer service was also outstanding, particularly the friendly voice that was always ready and willing to help, and the patience needed waiting for permissions to come through. Overall, the cost, customer service and high quality banners were outstanding.”

Nick Burdekin, People and Places Manager, Wigan Council

“We initially used the lamppost banners as just one element to remind people of the key messages on their way in to and out of work. However, it soon became clear that the messages had also reached the wider community in such an effective way that we will put lamppost banners at the core of any future campaigns.”

Alison Millbourn, Health Improvement Practitioner Advanced, Kirklees Council

Our Clients

We boast a dedicated team of experienced industry experts and have worked with local authorities and leading UK brands across the UK.

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We produce the best lamppost banner brackets and are leaders in the UK Outdoor Banner Advertising Sector.

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