Raise the Profile of your School with Lamppost Banner Advertising

LamppostBanners.com are pleased to be able to offer publicly funded schools and colleges the opportunity of featuring on raised council owned banners in their catchment area.

Schools and colleges can now target the public with postcode specific campaigns, meaning maximum exposure to parents of prospective pupils in key locations; such as in close proximity of nurseries, supermarkets, residential areas or in town or city centres.

Banners provide one of the most effective advertising mediums in raising awareness, with twice the recall of any other comparable outdoor media platform. They’re illuminated 24/7 and guarantee exposure to both drivers and pedestrians when they’re out and about, effectively reaching large numbers of the public who might otherwise be unaware of your school or college and what it has to offer.

Campaigns booked until the 1st April could benefit from zero media costs, which covers the entire process from design and installation through to maintenance and removal of the banners – there would only be a nominal fee for banner hardware equating to around 5p per day.  There’s also the option of going live at any point during 2018 to tie in with upcoming Open Days or other key dates in the academic calendar, helping to increase both enquiries and potential student applications.

If you’d like to see how your school or college could look to prospective parents and students, please get in touch with  Kat Loaker on 07398 764210 or email KatrinaLoaker@lamppostbanners.com.