Will my banners stay up in windy conditions?


We have designed the brackets and banners to cope with wind speeds from 20mph to 75mph. The system actually reduces wind loading on the lamp columns and the arms holding the banners are spring-loaded and they move towards each other as the wind increases, allowing the banner to flex accordingly. This means that in

How long will it take to get my campaign up and running?


We can design, print and install campaigns within 10-14 days, subject to receiving artwork approval and permission to use the selected columns from the relevant parties in a timely manner. If there is any delay in artwork approval, for example, if amendments are needed, or it takes longer to secure permission to use the

How much will it cost?


That depends on how many banners you require, for how long and where. Call or email us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

What are the technical specifications of the brackets?


Approved by Councils, Highways and Lighting Engineers Complies with British and European Standards EN40 Uses Tamtorque sign-fixing clamps for reliability Reduces wind loading by 88% – performs at 20mph wind speeds as well as at 75mph Can be retro-fit to existing banners to lampposts, flag poles, walls, fencing Increases Banner Life by 100% by

Can I extend or change my campaign?


Once your campaign is installed, you can extend it quite easily (assuming your particular lampposts are not already booked in advance) – just talk to us and we can arrange it. If you want to change your campaign after the banners are installed then that can also be arranged, but note that there will

What are the benefits of using lamppost banners for my campaign?


Highly-visual media – the banners literally rise above other adverts and can’t be missed Lampposts are located on almost every road, giving you the most diverse range of locations of any outdoor media Targets a large audience cost effectively Ideal for short and long-term campaigns Each banner can have a different design providing a

Does Lamppost Banner Advertising Work?


Lamppost Banners are an integral part of modern day towns and cities and provide a valuable tool in raising awareness of specific messages and events. Unlike any online marketing platform, lamppost banners cannot be blocked or turned off.  They reach people when they’re out and about in an absorbent state of mind.  Numerous studies


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