Lamppost Banners are an integral part of modern day towns and cities and provide a valuable tool in raising awareness of specific messages and events.

Unlike any online marketing platform, lamppost banners cannot be blocked or turned off.  They reach people when they’re out and about in an absorbent state of mind.  Numerous studies and research have been carried out on the significant results generated from out of out of home advertising. 

  • Cost-effective way to target large audiences

No media charges, you only pay for the cost of production and installation.

  • Benefit from Geo-targeting

Positioned on nearly every road and street in the country, banners offer location-specific campaigns

  • Conveys impression of authority and stature

Trusted and approved medium of advertising by Councils and Event Organisers

  • Engage with highly alert both pedestrian and motor traffic

Unrivalled proximity to your target audience

  • Advertise from a few pence per day

Best value media reaching large audiences for low cost

  • Suitable for both short and long-term campaigns

Option to extend the duration of your campaign even after installation

  • Extensive and diverse range of locations

Provides the biggest variety of sites, more so than any other outdoor media. Located in areas of high footfall and on main arterial routes.

  • Ability to use different designs across banners to allow for flexibility

Create further impact with different artwork on each banner

  • Highly visual media provides huge scope for creative flair

Easily catch the eye with dynamic artwork

  • Statistics prove that raised media creates twice the recall rate than the same media positioned at ground level
  • 98% of UK population is reached by out of home advertising at least once a week providing an unparalleled prospect that your campaign will achieve significant success and results
  • 83% of people recall seeing outdoor advertising within 30 minutes before shopping
  • Catch people in an ultra-absorbent frame of mind when they’re open to being influenced by visual stimulus
  • Encourage and influence both visitors and residents in an area