When it comes to High Street Advertising, nothing delivers a return on investment like Raised Lamppost Banners. Highly visible, these banners literally rise above other adverts and can’t be missed. Lampposts are located on almost every road, giving you the most diverse range of locations of any outdoor media.

Flagpole Banner Advertising

Lamppost banner advertising, also referred to as Flagpole Banner Advertising, is the most efficient, (both in terms of cost and response rate) way of targeting a large audience, lending itself to short and long-term campaigns.

No media charges

With Lamppost Banner Advertising you only pay for the cost of production and installation. Each banner can have a different design, offering a truly flexible campaign!

Flagpole Banner Advertising in all weathers

Our banner brackets are designed to cope with wind speeds up to 75mph! The system actually reduces wind loading on the lamppost columns and the arms holding the banners are spring-loaded so they move towards each other as the wind increases, allowing the banner to flex accordingly. This means that in the majority of cases the system will perform very effectively and your banners will remain intact. And if on that rare occasion your banner requires attention our maintenance team is on hand to repair or replace any damaged elements quickly.