Reach thousands every day! One of the most reactive methods of outdoor advertising is undoubtedly lamppost advertising, especially when those adverts contain a public health message.

Most recently Kirklees Council, in partnership with Heart Research UK and the University Of Huddersfield, commissioned CP Active to run an academically-evaluated campaign to help tackle levels of sedentary behaviour in several locations in Huddersfield. The lamppost
banners received a high level of reaction from the local community.

Alison Millbourn, Health Improvement Practitioner at Kirklees Council, said they were surprised by the effectiveness of the lamppost banners, and it changed the way they will plan their campaigns in the future.

“We initially used the lamppost banners as just one element to remind people of the key messages on their way in and out of work. However it soon became clear that the messages had reached the wider community in such an effective way that we will put lamppost banners at the core of any future campaigns.”

If you have a message for the public, lamppost banners are an advertising concept you should consider. If you’re interested in finding out how a lamppost banner campaign can help you, please contact