Our new website makes it easy for you to find everything you need to know about lamppost banner systems. We can advise on all aspects of raised lamppost banners (flagpole banner advertising) and help with design and location. Lamppostbanners.com can manage and implement your latest High Street Advertising campaign or simply supply the highest quality lamppost banner brackets and indeed all aspects of lamppost banner advertising in the UK.

We can design, print and install your high street advertising campaign using the most advanced bracket and banner systems on a medium that really grabs attention. Imagine your campaign displayed along the roads where your audience travels. Walking, running, cycling or driving – they won’t be able to miss it.

Outdoor Advertising Banners Work

Although our website is new, our business has been running for many years (previously as Prompt Media and now as part of Community Partners). We are experts when it comes to outdoor advertising banners and work with lots of organisations (public sector and commercial) across the UK, delivering hundreds of High Street Advertising campaigns on a daily basis.

Talk to us and you will be in safe hands.