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We Specialise In Cultural & Sports Event Banners

As the leading lamppost banner specialists, we work on everything from local to national events and have created lamppost banner campaigns for clients including the Six Nations Rugby World Cup, Bournemouth Wheels Festival and West End Live.

From developing and designing your campaign to installing your event banners, we can transform towns and cities overnight, helping you to create experiences that people won’t forget.

Major Events Advertisement using Event Banners

Outdoor advertising lamppost banners are one of the most effective media opportunities available to ensure that your cultural events are guaranteed to be seen and noticed by a high percentage of the local community, as well as capturing the attention of visitors.

Whoever your target audience, with prominent multiple banners you’re guaranteed to reach a high percentage of people in the local area.

An extra benefit to promoting local events is that lampposts are located everywhere, providing the ability to target by specific postcode or street or extensively across your local area to create huge local awareness. Especially relevant to event promotion, banners can also be located specifically in and around major event venues.

Create campaigns with dynamic banners that are vibrant, colourful and informative and capture the attention of the widest possible demographic including the sought after affluent urban consumer.

Crucially, these digitally connected audiences take the most action as a result of seeing outdoor advertising, spreading the word over both social media and by word of mouth, ensuring your event is consequently having an impact across an even larger scale.

There’s never been a more relevant time to take advantage of out of home advertising.

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We boast a dedicated team of experienced industry experts and have worked with local authorities and leading UK brands across the UK.

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