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Shop Banners from the Outdoor Advertising Experts

The opportunity for retailers and shopping centre owners to engage with consumers directly at the point of sale via lamppost shop banners is potentially enormous.

Having worked with key names in the retail industry such as Westfield, Tesco and Waitrose, we are the experts in shopping centre and commercial premises lamppost banner campaigns.

We work closely with our clients to create visually engaging and versatile lamp post banner advertising, which puts brands in the sight and minds of consumers in stimulating retail environments.

Retail Advertisement with Lamppost Banners

53% of adults have recently seen out-of-home advertising in a retail environment. This clearly shows there is a highly valuable commercial opportunity either to directly communicate to audiences with a high propensity for impulse purchases or to generate incremental revenue via commercialising your retail environment with banners for third party advertisers.

Commercialise Your Assets collaborates with local councils across the UK to deliver revenue streams via fully managed lamppost banner sponsorship initiatives. We also collaborate with private landlords by commercialising their retail environment with lamppost banner advertising schemes, either for internal use or by third partner advertisers to generate incremental revenue streams. What’s more, we don’t apply set-up fees or long-term contracts but do deliver simple and fast revenue payments.

We do things carefully and professionally from the start to finish and work closely with each shopping centre or commercial property owner to achieve the premium venue enhancing results.

Reach Audiences

Out of Home advertising works for retail brands – 83% of people recall seeing outdoor advertising within 30 minutes prior to shopping, making it highly relevant for retail outlets.

Reaching concentrated audiences in a retail environment provides the most effective platform through which to communicate on a brand level. provides bespoke solutions for all retail environments. If you are interested in exploring how could help you or your tenants, please contact us or click here to find out more about how the product works.

Our Clients

We boast a dedicated team of experienced industry experts and have worked with local authorities and leading UK brands across the UK.

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