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We Lead Outdoor Advertising For Public Health are experts in helping councils change the behaviour of local communities. Through high-impact lamppost banner campaigns, we communicate the campaign message in strategic locations to maximise campaign effectiveness and combat the particular health issue.

Whether your health department is looking to promote smoking cessation, healthy eating or reduce sedentary behaviour, we will help get your message to the heart of your community through banner advertising.

Public Health Campaigns

Nearly one fifth of premature deaths in the UK are attributable to physical inactivity. It’s time to take action.

We believe that there are many facets to changing behaviour, and providing education to individuals in the communities they live, work and socialise is key to achieving long-term behavioural change.

We know that education does not generally lead to instant change or different decision-making. However, if we use repeated prompts in their environment such as lamppost banner advertising, we can change the behaviour and health over time. created environmental prompts to gently, but repeatedly give individuals a nudge to change their behaviour, whether it be eating more healthy food, stopping smoking or exercising more.

If you work for a local authority and are concerned with improving the health of your local community – we can help. We can work with you to create environments that help tackle local health issues and change behaviour.

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We boast a dedicated team of experienced industry experts and have worked with local authorities and leading UK brands across the UK.

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