October 16th is the start of National Adoption Week. During this time there will be a huge emphasis on finding families to adopt some of society’s most vulnerable children.

There’ll be hashtags and tweets and Facebook statuses to share. National Adoption Week is always on the news. Most certainly there will be an increase in enquiries about adoption during this time, as those who have been thinking about adopting will be inspired to do something about it. That’s how all campaigns work: by placing the right content in front of the right people.

National Adoption Week is an extremely topical time in the calendar to advertise your foster and adoption services. Calderdale Council found a great way to keep their message in front of the right people consistently was by using lamppost banners. Their campaign through lamppostbanners.com provoked a significant increase in enquiries about adoption and fostering. They felt that this was because they were able to cover a much larger area than their budget would allow for other forms of media.

They said: “The flexibility of lamppost banners meant that the Council were able to cover a wide area, but on specific roads where their audience are based. Trying to achieve this with any other media would have been very costly and even impossible in some cases, as there aren’t any advertising opportunities in certain areas other than lampposts.”

Cambridgeshire Council are also using lamppost banners to advertise their fostering and adoption services.

If your fostering and adoption service is looking for a way to increase enquiries, there’s no need to rely on National Adoption Week. Lamppost banners are a great way of inspiring potential foster or adoptive parents to come forward and speak to you all year round.

We have lamppost banners available in hundreds of streets across the country and you can advertise from just a few pence a day. For more information please contact kat@lamppostbanners.com.