Harrow Council Road Safety Team are committed to protecting local residents and people commuting through its borough and needed to remind motorists to watch out for motorbikes.

With the help of lamppostbanners.com in September 2017 Harrow Council launched an eye-catching new road safety campaign using raised lamppost banners to make this message “unmissable”.

Harrow council choose this media platform mainly as it can reach its primary audience – those who are driving. Jeffrey Sarpong who headed up this campaign stated, “For awareness campaign purposes particularly targeted at motorists, it was felt that a visual image to address the road safety issue concerning particular hotspots was appropriate.”

Lamppost banners are a great way of targeting individuals whilst raising your message. Harrow Council chose this media platform because they felt that this visual impact was the most cost-effective way of imposing a behaviour change.

They said: “It appeared most appropriate to opt for lamppost banner advertising as opposed to other methods due to the nature of the campaign, competitive pricing, target audience and consideration to the hotspot areas where collisions of this nature were occurring.”

Lamppost banners are a great way of communicating your message. If you feel this is an opportunity that you would like to know more about please contact myself on kat@lamppostbanners.com or 07398 76 42 10.