Looking to raise awareness of waste and recycling services in your community? Why not use your own council lamppost banner assets with no media costs!

There has been a huge emphasis over the last couple of decades on recycling. Our growing population means the planet is suffering under the strain of amazing amounts of waste. Merton Council wanted to encourage their local residents to think about recycling and make recycling easy for them to do.

In January 2017, the council launched an outdoor campaign using lamppost banners within their recycling centres. The banners informed the public what they can recycle and how they go about doing it. Because the lampposts were inside the depot, this meant that the public was able to make easy decisions as to what could be recycled and where at the point of recycling. This impactful way of using the councils own assets meant that Merton Council paid no media costs to instruct this campaign and now have targeted messages throughout their depot.

Working with lamppostbanners.com, they pulled together numerous creatives throughout the depot to hoist onto two metre by 0.8 metre double sided banners.

The placement of your campaign can be targeted to specific streets or entire countries. Because you’re only impacting areas that need to be reached, there’s no wastage.

For more information on how you can utilise your space for advertising, or to find out where we have advertising available, please email kat@lamppostbanners.com.